What's Phantomland?

An independent comic project written and drawn by yours truly. It's available both as a webcomic and as self-published books.

What's the story about?

I'm aiming for an entertaining mix of action and character drama. Set in the fictional city of Santa Luison, Phantomland is the story of a special minority of humans serving at a crime fighting agency. It's mostly told from the viewpoint of Chie, a female trainee in the organization trying to overcome the dangers and horrors of her job.

How can I support this project?

I recommend checking out the shop! This comic is originally designed for print, graphics-wise and layout-wise, so the reading experience is definitely improved on paper. There's also bonus content in the books!

I don't buy physical books, what else can I do?

I'm considering digital publishing like Gumroad in the future. Perhaps a Patreon account as well, if I come up with a good plan for it.

Who are you?

Maaria Laurinen; a twenty-something year old geek currently studying 3D animation in Helsinki, Finland. Besides drawing I have a passion for visual media such as comics, animation and videogames. I've had a dream of drawing comics of my own ever since discovering manga in my early teens. Phantomland might be viewed as a sort of love letter to all those influences.

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